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Floor & Wall Tile Setting, Saskatoon

At EuroKraft Tiling Design, we have been tile setting for over 30 years. Since we relocated from Germany to Saskatoon, SK, in 2008, we have earned an excellent reputation among new home builders, tile suppliers and regular home owners who just want to update with a few small kitchen & bathroom tile renovations.

Tile setting will always remain labor intensive hand work because, despite all the efforts made to date, there is no possible way to install tile mechanically in order to save time & money. How labor intense, depends on the tile size, lay-out design, using various types of tile in one design, and whether it’s laid on the floor, wall or ceiling. Much care & attention must be given to ensure that your tile installation has a level surface and uniform grout lines, as this could make or break the finished look.

We like to compare tile setting to getting a tattoo. Once it’s on, it’s on. Removing a bad tile job can be messy, time consuming and very costly! So be cautious when searching for a qualified tile setter. Check for references and make sure they carry insurance, and are registered with worker’s compensation. Our experience has shown repeatedly, that for those who wanted to save a few dollars, and hired themselves an “after hours tile setter”, more often than not, we have been called upon to clean up the mess.

To give your bathroom

more visual interest, mix it up

with various tile sizes and designs.